Graphic Design Work

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 11.57.37 AM.png


Created new merchandise for Universal Music Group’s Content Protection Department. Utilized Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Front logo

Capital Ode flyer FINAL website.jpg

Concert Flyer

Event flyer for a hip-hop showcase featuring rising DJs and rappers. A portion of proceeds go towards helping undocumented immigrants. Utilized Photoshop for the visual image and background design, switched to InDesign for typeface.

Shaan's FINAL one sheet.jpg

Artist One Sheet

Includes relevant information on up and coming artist. Sent out via email attachment to booking agents, management companies, venues, and more regarding potential opportunities. Official version includes hyperlinks to social media accounts and streaming platforms.

shield logos portfolio.jpg

Website Logo

Designed logo for Universal Music Group’s Content Protection Portal called The Guardian. Portal is utilized by relevant departments across all UMG-owned labels. (Bottom logo was the final design)

Shaan playlist art version 1.jpg

Spotify Playlist Artwork

Artwork for curated playlist by up and coming DJ/producer Shaan

beach house spotify artwork portfolio.jpg

Playlist Artwork for Dancing Astronaut

Curated a summer playlist as Streaming Manager for dance music blog/media platform Dancing Astronaut.


User Interface / Experience

Design (UI/UX) Desktop

I chose an existing non-profit organization and created a web design for the desktop browser in Adobe Photoshop. This design utilizes what sections/facts the current WATER IS LIFE website includes. However, the main inspiration derives from how I would pitch a new web design to the organization should they decide to change their current platform. All images were released under a Creative Commons License or approved for use by the visual artist.

Design for Mobile

Designed for smartphone browser.

Mija mag cover.jpg

Magazine Cover Design

I picked a story from an online publication and used it to design a feature magazine four-page layout (two spreads) with words, pictures, display, type and graphic elements. I didn't use any pictures from the original article and I credited the original photographer. Background image and effects done in Photoshop, utilized InDesign for the typeface.

Mija opening feature spead.jpg

Opening Spread

Opening spread for the article. Created a new headline and deck (different from the original article). Utilized content-aware scaling feature on original image in Photoshop to allow for better visibility of the typeface and multiply blending option to darken the edges.

Opening article pages.jpg

Jump Spread Design

Included drop-caps, pull-quotes, a fact box (bottom right) and captions for images. Utilized original article as body copy and modified pull-quotes for design purposes. Established my own indents, margins and column grids in InDesign.

Jump Spread Design 2

Included a side-bar story which was not in the original article. Those were my PERSONAL Top 5 tracks of that month.

Back Cover Design (ad)

Based on actual merchandise sold on Mija's artist website.


11x17 Poster Design

Created a one-page vertical poster/advertisement with type and an image which is intended to attract people to a specific event of a localized non-profit organization. I chose a non-profit with which I have strong feelings about. Included a primary visual element, which in this case is an illustration based on a picture of my dog. Utilized pen/pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator. Auto-trace of artist logos in Illustrator and created typeface design in InDesign.

beats4bones horizontal poster.jpg

11x17 Horizontal Design

Horizontal mock-up